SUPAMAN has won many awards for his music. The Aboriginal Peoples Choice Music Award in Canada for best video, Best Hip Hop Album and Best Producer for The Indigenous Music Awards, Native American Music Award winner, and several prestigious others. 

He is a unique inspiring artist who combines Native Culture with Urban Hip Hop Culture. SUPAMAN delivers a powerful message, one that draws the listener in with compassion. 

It is very refreshing to find an artist who has dedicated their life to promoting social justice by merging two art forms in such a profound way. Not only is he a dancer,  and Hip Hop artist, he is a genuine advocate for truth and peace.

As a member of the “Apsaalooke Nation”, Supaman makes his home on the Crow reservation in Montana. He comes across as a humble kind hearted individual, and his music is an expression of so much more than any one person. It is universal and speaks to everyone. 

To hear his recent album MEDICINE BUNDLE and learn more about SUPAMAN you can visit the website