Founder– Kathleen Henry

Kathleen Henry (she/her) has many years of experience teaching and directing in dance and acting. She has taught in California for San Jose Ballet, Santa Cruz Ballet Theatre, and Ballet Arts Centre. She has written and directed in film and television. Kathleen served as the artistic director for Santa Cruz Performing Arts Alliance in California. In Winnipeg, she has taught for the Royal Winnipeg Ballet, Contemporary Dancers Canada and Manitoba Theatre for Young People. With Theatre For Change Kathleen combines her love for the arts and strives to give voice to social justice. Influenced by her grandmother, Ann Henry (journalist, writer) and mother Loa Henry (Nellie McClung Theatre and Winnipeg Labour Choir), Kathleen’s upbringing was instilled with feminism and advocacy for social justice.

Assistant-Director; Writer – Anthony Ferens

Anthony Ferens (he/him) is a Canadian actor, singer, director, painter and instructor. He started his performance training at Canada’s Royal Winnipeg Ballet at the age of three where his love of music and singing grew. He holds a BA Honours degree in devised theatre and acting from the University of Winnipeg’s Theatre and Film department. Anthony has performed with Winnipeg Studio Theatre, Royal Winnipeg Ballet and Theatre Dance Centre, as well as across Canada and the United States. As an instructor, he teaches at the Royal Winnipeg Ballet, Theatre Dance Centre and offers private lessons. In his free time, Anthony explores the world of food, history, visual art and Tolkien.

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Social Media Manager; Writer – Melissa Kay

Melissa Kay (she/her), one of our main writers got her bachelors degree at the University of Winnipeg and is now working towards a masters in Sociology. she specializes in race relations, class relations and cultural studies. Melissa is a firm believer that culture can tell a lot about the world and it is one of the most expressive ways of communicating.

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Technology Support – Andreas Pastor

Andreas Pastor (he/him) is the owner of a local IT and internet service provider.

Writer – Charmagne de Veer

Charmagne de Veer (she/her) is a Winnipeg-based writer. She has advocated for social justice as a writer for the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs, a non-governmental political organization, and Winnipeg Harvest, a not-for-profit, community-based organization that is a food distribution and training centre. She has also participated in local political action.

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Guest Writers:

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