The Right To Breathe was a series of skits presented at the Winnipeg Fringe festival in the summer of 2019. It was a Theatre Dance Centre presentation with our adult group of actors and dancers. We performed pieces that were written to highlight the atrocities of the Private Prison Industrial Complex, Climate Change, Trumps’ War Agenda, ICE and Immigration policies. Our dancers performed a tribute to Black Lives Matter. The Hiphop piece was choreographed by Ian Bautista. The photo is from the actual show at the West End Cultural Centre and three of the dancers Mara Turenne, Anika Serrano, Isabella Galman, from the original show, re-created a snippet of the performance  recently to share in Theatre For Change.  The music is  When The Party Is Over  by Billie Eilish and Land Of The Free  by Joey Bada$$.   

Watch a small excerpt dance numbers from The Right to Breathe